Monotributo: you can join the automatic debit through the web

Taxpayers registered in the Monotributo can directly adhere to the automatic debit system through the AFIP website, without needing to call the bank or manage it by homebanking.

The measure will begin to take effect on Tuesday with the publication in the Official Gazette of general resolution 4357, sources from the official unit announced.

Up to now the tax could be paid through electronic transfer, automatic debit on account or credit card or through an ATM, among other options.

But from now on, the direct adhesion to the automatic debit will be added without having to carry out paperwork in the banks.

The monotributista may adhere to the automatic debit for the monthly payment of that obligation through the “New Portal for Monotributistas”. With just two clicks and the CBU number, the taxpayer can comply with this virtual procedure.

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