10 Long distance relationship gifts ideas

Looking for a great long distance relationship gifts idea to send to your Long Distance sweetheart? You’ve come to the right place!

This is a list of over 50 Long Distance Relationship Gifts ideas. They’re perfect for anyone! Young or old, romantic or sensible -even you pranksters out there can find the perfect gift for the person you love!

Long distance relationship gifts


Long distance relationship gifts

1. Love Knows No Distance Shirt

If you want your partner to know that you love them no matter where they are, get them a shirt with long distance relationship quotes that shows how much they mean to you!
This is the perfect gift because it’s useful and inspiring at the same time. It can give your long distance partner that extra boost they need to keep going. Shirts for both genders are available as well as unisex items.

2. The Key To Your Heart

This adorable key-chain set is a great gift, not only because of the sentiment behind it but also because it’s almost like two gifts in one! One for you and one for them. Each of you can hold half of this set and feel like you are closer together and connected by each of you having it.

3. Personalize A Novel

Ever wanted to be the star of your own book? In these personalized novel novels, any couple can play the starring roles as hero or heroine. With 50+ books and ebooks set in exotic locations around the world, there’s something for everyone. There are lots of options available, from wild and crazy to relaxed and laid back.

4. Dual Timezone Necklace

This beautiful antique style “in the zone” necklace from modcloth is absolutely PERFECT for long distance relationship. You can set one clock to your time zone and the other to a the time zone of your BFF or s/o. Definitely a handy tool for people who are divided by time zones of 4+, but also make a really practical gift that lets that special someone know you’re thinking of them all the time.

5. Edible Flowers

Flowers are nice and all, but not everyone is overjoyed at the thought of a gift that will die after just a few days or weeks. These flowers, however, are made entirely of edible fruit and look just as lovely as the real thing in some cases. A unique way to send something traditional in an un-traditional way.

6. Couples Pillowcases

Distance is sometimes hardest at night, when we’re far apart from one another. Its important to surround yourself with uplifting things so we don’t get so downhearted, and these pillow cases are just the right solution. Think of each other when you sleep at night with these long distance relationship themed pillowcases!

7. Love Book

A LoveBook is one of the most Unique Personalized Gifts you could ever give someone. Create a personalized gift book that tells your s/o why you love them using their easy to use interactive book building process

8. Love Crossword

Make a special crossword puzzle with all the spicy questions which they will have to answer. It will be a fun trivia gift and your partner will love it. Plus, you will get to know how much the other person knows you.

9. Open When Letters

Open when letters are a collection of letters that you give to someone you care about. Each envelope has a different theme that tells the recipient when to open it. You can get customized open when letter kits that include all of the envelopes, totally catered to you or your partner right here!

10. Build A Bear

Teddy bears are a common gift given to boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives. So why not take that concept to a whole new level? Build-A-Bear is a unique experience that no two people will share the same Teddy Bear experience. Key points: Customize your own bear.

Hope these were helpful!

I know how hard it can be to stay apart and still keep the love alive. But we know what we are doing it for, and we know that the other person is worth all the wait. 💕

Did we miss something? What gifts have you given to your long distance significant other? Please share them with us!

10 Long distance relationship gifts ideas
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