what does jfc mean

what does jfc mean

acronym for “Jesus Fucking Christ“. A general exclamation. JFC you kicked my butt in that game!

In order to emphasize the profound craziness, unbridaled self-destructiveness, and astonishingly delusional nature of looking forward to enhanced oil & gas production or easier transpolar shipping in the Arctic forty years from now at a time when the Earth’s biosphere is engulfed in an ecological crisis caused by human actions like those just mentioned, I have employed the acronym “JFC”, which stands for jesus fucking christ. Frankly, the term is not strong enough in my view, but it is the best I could come up with.

That said, I mean no disrespect to the Jesus of the New Testament, the historical Jesus, or any other kind of Jesus people might imagine or reconstruct when I use that term.

Moreover, the use of “JFC” is meant to create a stark contrast with the sensible, highly moral message of the Gospels, or, at the very least, the “core” message of the Gospels (before revisions centuries after Jesus lived) as reconstructed in the lost sayings gospel Q or other texts.

Is the desire to make money in the Arctic after it melts down compatible with any part of the message of any conception of Jesus you care to use? Absolutely not.

what does jfc mean

So anybody who is offended by my use of “JFC” should consider these remarks.

what does jfc mean
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