What does otp mean

What does otp mean

Next up in our “What the heck does that slang term or acronym mean?” series, we have this: The meaning of “OTP.”

Apologies to anyone reading this who already knows what the acronym means, not all of us are that hip and “with it”. So to speak, so sometimes, we need to play catch-up.
How else are we going to keep up with this rapidly changing linguistic landscape of ours?

“OTP,” as it turns out, is big in the world of fandom shipping. Although many of my favorite things have huge fandoms. Don’t often participate in that particular aspect of them for some reason, I just prefer to watch my Westworld alone.
That’s just me, though — but it does explain why I was unfamiliar with the term “OTP,” despite begin incredibly familiar with a lot of the situations in which it can apply.
Here’s what my research so far has yielded:

In short, “OTP” stands for “One True Pairing”.

It’s used in fandoms to describe any given participant’s favorite couple — or couples, because, perhaps contrary to the term’s very definition, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one OTP. Usually, though, the characters or people who make up any OTP will not occur in more than one pairing for any single fandom member.
Less commonly used is the term TTP, or Two True Pairings. If you can’t make up your mind about an OTP, then TTP might be substituted instead.
And if you’re into romantic arrangements that involve more than two people? Try OTT (“One True Threesome”) on for size.
Other variations include BroTP — a portmanteau between “OTP” and “bro” that refers to a non-romantic OTP — and parodic versions. The example TV Tropes gives of this last one involves shipping a character and their favorite food.

Folks who have an OTP or two may write and/or read fan fiction about those couples, but necessarily. Regardless as to whether you’re into fanfic, though, the one defining feature all OTPs have is this: We get incredible emotionally invested in them. As a voracious reader who often doesn’t want my favorite books to end, I know those feels.

So where does the term come from? According to Know Your Meme, the earliest known usage of OTP occurred on LiveJournal in October 2002.
The term popped up in reference to potential pairings of NSYNC members: Wrote LiveJournal user Betty Plotnik, “Joey/Lance: In some ways, this is my OTP, if by ‘true’ we’re talking about what I really think is canonically possible.”
Given the way the term is just casually dropped in here, though, I suspect it may predate this particular post. In any event, though, the acronym was first defined on Urban Dictionary in September of 2003 — a definition which is unfortunately riddled with spelling errors, but which pretty clearly describes what the term means and how to use it:

The example given is: Ron Weasley and Hermione Grainger are my otp.

What does otp mean
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