What does tfw mean

What does tfw mean

“TFW” is an Internet slang acronym that stands for “that feel when.”

What does tfw mean

In terms of giving it a definition, you can think of it as an expression used to convey some kind of emotion or feeling in any given context that’s relatable enough for other people online to know exactly what you mean — yet still open-ended enough that they can come up with their own interpretation of it.

Confused? Well then, let’s look at a few examples.

“TFW you finally get a text back after seven and a half hours.”

“TFW when you’re lying in bed at 4am still wide awake.”

“TFW you realize you almost just poured coffee in your cereal instead of milk.”

Those three examples should give you a good idea of how the trend works. In general, the acronym is used at the beginning of a sentence, followed by some kind of mundane, everyday activity that most people have done before.

In many cases, online users will put TFW at the beginning of a completely ridiculous situation that’s very specific, but not very relatable, in order to exaggerate the expression. Taking inspiration from some funny(and quite clever ) Twitter users, here are some examples:

“TFW u be a nice gf and run the bf a bath and u come back to ur skyrim game and ur characters naked and he’s emptied all of ur stuff”

“TFW she texts u about the inherent violence of neoliberalism first.”

The acronym is popular on “Weird Twitter,” since it works perfectly for describing awkward , odd, and hilarious situations using text speak, bad grammar, and short forms of other words.

As with most acronyms and memes  that seemingly tend to come out of nowhere, TFW is primarily embraced by younger social media users.

Despite a much more visual-based web we have access to these days with the number of social media platforms that are driven by video and image  sharing, plus the rise of emoji, the TFW trend offers just a little extra communicable emotion that can sort of be left up to the reader’s imagination.

What does tfw mean
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