30 Cute Relationship Quotes for you

Cute Relationship Quotes

Whether it’s with a significant other, a friend, your family, or the countless other types of people you come across and forge connections with throughout your life, there’s no denying that relationships take work. But—and you don’t need us to tell you this—sometimes even the best relationships can be difficult. This is where a sense of humor comes […]

How to Fix a Relationship That’s Falling Apart

How to Fix a Relationship

A relationship, just like everything else in life, needs care and attention. Many couples overlook this detail and end up unhappy in a perfect relationship. Find out how to fix a relationship and turn things around. Figuring out how to fix a relationship is a lot like stacking a deck of cards. There are so […]

How to Attract Women greatest advice for men

how to attract women

In the darkness, as you stare across the bar, desperately wondering how to get the attention of that impossibly out-of-your-league blonde bombshell, your mind is racing. You may ask “how to attract women ?”. What do I say? How do I act? What should I do? And you still come up with nothing. Why? Because […]

The 30 Greatest Falling In Love Quotes

failing in love quotes

I have come across many a friend, who looked at me with dreamy eyes, while she said, “I have fallen in love.” Frankly it is amusing to observe the behavior of a hopelessly lovesick friend. The first blush of love can be quite charming. Many friends who have fallen in love display the common symptoms: absentmindedness, […]

The best moving forward quotes for you

moving forward quotes

No matter how much we want things to stay the same, life is all about change. Sometimes change is for the better, and sometimes its not. But no matter why things are changing, we need to be able to let go and move on. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a painful breakup, […]

The best 30 inspirational love quotes for you

inspirational love quotes

What is love? What makes it so incredibly beautiful, yet so devastatingly painful? Is love a mysterious, unquantifiable force, or the predictable, measurable effects of complex chemical interactions in our brain? Is there a “formula” for capturing love, or is it merely a role of the dice? Do we each have one true soulmate, or […]

Top 20 funny relationship quotes will make you laugh

funny relationship quotes

There are great things, bad things, and crazy things said about love. But there are also a ton of hilarious things that put it all in perspective. Here are some funny relationship quotes  to make you laugh when you (and your love life) need it most. Funny relationship quotes My wife and I were happy for […]

Sad love quotes will help you go through it

Sad love quotes

The sound of heartbreak is deafeningly silent. You may not hear an audible crash, but those who have loved and lost know that lost love can shatter the heart. Are you going through a bad phase in love? Are you suffering the aftermath of a breakup? If it is any solace to you, know that […]

Top heart touching love failure quotes

Love Failure Quotes

What goes through the mind of people who loose in the game of love? How do people cope with love failure? How to mend a broken heart? The love failure quotes below gives the answer to these questions. Love Failure Quotes are the reflections of such sadness and pain. The short sad quotes about love given […]

10 Long distance relationship gifts ideas

Long distance relationship gifts

Looking for a great long distance relationship gifts idea to send to your Long Distance sweetheart? You’ve come to the right place! This is a list of over 50 Long Distance Relationship Gifts ideas. They’re perfect for anyone! Young or old, romantic or sensible -even you pranksters out there can find the perfect gift for […]