PepsiCo To Launch A Healthier Breed Of Sodas

Pepsi is planning to introduce a much healthier line of sodas as the US market grows health conscious

PepsiCo, Inc (NYSE:PEP) has unveiled plans to introduce healthier varieties of sodas to cater the US market, which is becoming increasingly health conscious, according to Mashable.

Under the brand dubbed Stubborn Soda, the world-famous food and beverage producer is planning to release natural soda flavors. The new breed of healthier drinks will be naturally sweetened with sugar cane, replacing high-fructose corn syrup. The drinks are also available in various flavors including black cherry with tarragon, agave vanilla cream, pineapple cream and orange hibiscus.

Pepsi came up with the idea of introducing the new line of sodas after it observed a decline in soda consumption over the past decade, reports Mashable. The health conscious public in US nowadays prefers bottled water, energy drink and tea, and has reduced the consumption of soda.

Small craft brewers have swiped the market share from major beer makers like Budweiser and Miller by offering customers some exotic drinks like cherry wheat ale and maple bacon-coffee porter. Pepsi-Cola and Mountain Dew are putting in efforts to tap into the success of such small brewers as well.

The company did not mention any detail about entering into an agreement as yet or where will it place the machines. The soda maker has plans to continue the supply of its conventional machines carrying its flag-ship soda brands.

Small soda producers have been struggling hard to make their place in the market and most US citizens have continued to be brand loyal to the major brands like Pepsi and its rival, The Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO), with its own brands Coke and Sprite, as well as Dr. Pepper.

Soda heavyweights, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have recently experimented with the use of zero-calorie natural sweeteners such as stevia, to restore the sluggish sales of sodas.